An inquisitive, independent, ambitious and enthusiastic student summarises who I am. I am currently a student at the Belgian Advertising school with interest for branding, advertising and communication.

Obsessed with books, flowers and coffee. I've been keeping it real since 1998. I'm a girl with big dreams, a nerd when it comes to developing and always ready to learn new techniques and improve myself.

During my bachelor studies of Crossmedia Design I’ve acquired a large set of skills such as webdesign, UI/UX design, photo editing, graphic design, branding, marketing, visually representing information, ...

Last year I’ve studied 4 months abroad (Finland). It was the best journey I have ever had. I learned a lot during this months and I’d do it again without any doubt.

In my spare time I'm a leader by the scouts who likes adventure and wants to explore the world.

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